Section 1: Emotions. Behaviour. Facial expressions.

AWE (n.)


​feelings of respect and slight fear; feelings of being very impressed by something/somebody

  •  in awe ‘It’s magnificent,’ she whispered in awe.

FIERCE (adj.)


angry and aggressive in a way that is frightening

  • The more she struggled, the fiercer he became.

FRAGILE (adj.)


  1. easily broken or damaged
  2. thin and delicate
  • Be careful with that vase – it’s very fragile.
  • fragile beauty

GRIN (v., n.)


to smile widely

  • They grinned with delight when they heard our news.

a wide smile

  • He came into the room with a friendly grin on his face.



so interested or excited that you cannot think of anything else

  • We were completely hypnotized by her performance of the Haydn.

SLENDER (adj.)


(approving) (of people or their bodies) thin in an attractive way

  • long, slender fingers
  • a slender young woman


STOLID (adj.)


If you describe someone as stolid, you mean that they do not show much emotion or are not very exciting or interesting.

  • Mark sat stolid and silent.
  • He glanced at the stolid faces of the two detectives. 

Synonyms: apathetic, unemotional

WINK (v.)


to close and open one eye quickly to communicate something or show that something is a secret or joke

  • She winked at me and smiled.



to make a high sound or a musical tune by forcing your breath out when your lips are almost closed (свистеть)

  • The crowd booed and whistled as the player came onto the field.